Support Solution

Support Solution
Support for Your Business Objectives

ColorPixel Technologies begins by ensuring that your technology is aligned to support your business goals effectively:

  •  Efficiency: ColorPixel Technologies helps you assess your needs, build a custom onsite solution or implement an IT managed service , and maintain a technology infrastructure that enables productivity and collaboration.
  •  Reliability: ColorPixel Technologies’s IT onsite and managed services, onsite support, and proactive maintenance are designed to lower your overall IT administration costs and unplanned downtime and ensure ongoing compliance with industry and government regulations.
  •  Future Growth: ColorPixel Technologies develops your technology solution with the future in mind so that it supports your business effectively today – and can scale as your business grows.

ColorPixel Technologies has cultivated strong relationships with a comprehensive list of technology manufacturers and service providers including Cisco, Dell, HP, VMware, Barracuda, and Microsoft. Our IT specialists hold more than 400 manufacturers’ certifications. If your IT project or strategy calls for specialized skills or knowledge, you can count on Custom for strength and breadth of expertise and use of best practices in a range of industry-leading technologies.